Writing Retreats

Spring 2022 Writing Retreat Series


Writing and Wellness Retreat

Thank you for your interest in attending the Writing and Media Center’s Wellness and Writing Retreat for Graduate Students and Postdocs. This session will take place from 9:00am to 12:00pm on February 4th, 2022 in Hixson-Lied 0060 and will include breakfast and coffee.

Registration will be capped at 25 registrants.

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Graduate Student/ Postdoc Full-Day Retreats

Our Graduate Student and Postdocs Retreats for Spring 2022 are on February 25th, April 1st, and April 29th 2022 from 8:30-4pm in Hixson-Lied 0060. Each retreat will focus on a different area of the writing process and allow for brief presentations, lunch, and dedicated writing time, with consultants available to review work.

Registration forms for the Graduate Retreats.

Because of the individualized nature of the graduate student and postdoc retreats, we do have to cap enrollment at 25 attendees. We will note on this page if registration limits have been reached for a retreat, and should a spot open up, we will re-open enrollments to fill that spot.

All retreats take place from 8:30-4pm in Hixson-Lied 0060 and include lunch.

February 25th, 2022: Registration Open Now

April 1st, 2022: Registration Now Open

April 29th, 2022: Registration Now Open


How Do Writing Retreats Work:

  1. Register for the Retreat. 
  2. You will receive a confirmation email closer to the date of the event as well as more information about the procedures for the event.
  3. Join us at 8:30am for check-in and a light breakfast.