Meet Our Team

We are a team of upbeat, enthusiastic, and supportive individuals from across the disciplines! We look forward to working with you!

Leadership Team

Dr. Christa Tiernan
San Diego, CA                                                                                                                              I hold a Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, an M.A. in English Literature from the University of Virginia, and a B.A. in English Literature and Creative Writing from the University of California, San Diego. My areas of specialization include writing center theory and practice, eighteenth- and nineteenth-century British literature and culture, museum studies, and material culture studies. As a firm believer that all writers need readers, I am deeply committed to helping students become more effective and confident writers. In my spare time, I enjoy eating Mexican food, visiting historic house museums, and making mini cheesecakes.

Dr. Kelly Wenig
Intercultural Learning Specialist
Chilton, WI                                                                                                                                    I hold a Ph.D. in History from Iowa State University, an M.A. in History from the University of Cincinnati, and a B.A. in History from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. My areas of specialization include American, Latin American, and European/Eurasian history. I love that writing is like a snapshot in time. The words on the page provide a little window into what that person was thinking at that exact moment in time, and examining several edited versions of the same paper shows the evolving thought as we learn more about a given topic.


Nia Estes
Graduate Assistant Director
2nd-year M.Ed. in Student Affairs
Fayette, MO

My favorite thing about working at the WMC is all of the students that I get to interact with. Becasue I am going into student affairs and getting to work with a variety of different students brings me joy. The WMC is a place where diverse students come together to help their peers become better, more confident communicators.


Communication Consultants

Isaiah Baker

Senior in Political Science with minors in English and Economics
Eden Prairie, MN

I love helping people discover their own abilities and talents!

Emma Chizek
Sophomore in Marketing and International Business
Britt, IA

Being a Communication Consultant gives me a plethora of opportunities to share my passion of writing with other students. I am excited to work with my peers and help them improve their communication skills.
Alex Connor
Junior in Journalism with a minor in Political Science
Bettendorf, IA
Guiding others to be better and do better in their writing is exciting. I also love seeing people develop within their skillset and feeling more comfortable in both writing and sharing their work.
Vivian Cook

Senior in Performing Arts and French
Prescott, AZ

The WMC provides such a wonderful opportunity for students in all different fields to come together and discuss all different kinds of ideas, interests, topics, and communication. I love learning through the diverse projects that students bring to the center and exploring effective communication with one another.

Derek Doeing
Senior in Agriculture and Life Science Communication
Newark, IL
I have been moved by great writers and communicators and hope to be able to help others hone their own skills and learn some new things for myself in the process.


Emily Dux
Senior in English with a minor in Spanish
Pella, IA
I love to help people achieve a new level of writing, whether that is a new level of sophistication or simply discovering their voice in writing that they did not have before. I also love getting to the perfect finished piece of writing!


Rachel Francis

Senior in English Education with a minor in Communication Studies
Britt, IA

I love getting to meet knew people and help students improve their writing skills!

Dale Grauman
Fifth-year Ph.D. in English: Rhetoric and Professional Communication
Cinebar, WA

I think it's cool how the right language can turn difficult ideas into easy ones.
Andrew Guhin

Senior in Psychology
Bettendorf, IA

I like how learning a new word can expose you to a new idea.

Logan Heim
Second-year MA in English: Literature
East Dubuque, IL

The thing I love about communication is that it is the sole thing binding us together as human beings. Without communication there would never be a connection to another person or a way for us to express our ideas to each other. This is the foundation of learning and even of love or friendship. Communication makes it all work. That's why I work hard to learn the most about it.
Laura Hitt
Third-year MFA in Creative Writing and the Environment
Santa Fe, NM
I love how writing reveals the way a person thinks, and how helping to bring someone's ideas and beliefs out of the woodwork is so fulfilling. Clear communication in today's world is vital, and I enjoy working with students from all backgrounds to refine their skills in order for their ideas to shine through.
Amanda Holloway
Senior in Public Relations and Communication Studies
Waukee, IA

My favorite thing is the ability for people to be able to write about anything they want with no restrictions. This freedom allows for the upmost expression and creativity among people and their readers. I think it is so important to be able to speak freely and be able to express oneself.
Zoe Lambert

Junior in Kinesiology and Health/Health Promotion, Food and Society, and Exercise Science
Macomb, IL

I love working at the WMC because it allows me to engage with other students, helping them to improve and hone their writing skills.

Abby Mankins
Sophomore in Statistics and Psychology
Des Moines, IA
I love writing because it challenges and pushes me to express myself creatively.
Emily Matson

Senior in Advertising and English
Minneapolis, MN

I love the collaboration that comes with the WMC and writing in general. That shared "aha!" moment and the teamwork that helps create and utilize it is incredibly exciting and fun.

Lena Menefee-Cook
Sophomore in Performing Arts and Art & Design
Prescott, AZ
I love how writing integrates learning, precision, artistry, and collaboration.
Jenna Mertz

Third-year MFA in Creative Writing and the Environment
Delafield, WI

I love learning about the writing processes of others. It's fun to chat about the quirky, seemingly irrational rituals we engage to get our heads in the writing space.

Amy Nelson
Senior in Marketing and Technical Communication
Omaha, NE

I love working at the WMC for the people, because I have been able to meet a plethora of students from different disciplines across the university that I normally would never have had the chance to meet. Each student not only challenges me to help them develop their writing, but they also help me to learn and grow as a writer in the process.
Katherine Paul
Junior in Political Science and Religious Studies
Boone, IA

I find writing to be one of the most powerful tools wielded in communication. It gives one the ability to create a space of experience through which the reader can understand deeply a life much different from their own. The sharing of writing allows us to approach the world as lived by thousands of lives rather than the scope of one.
David Perrin

Second-year Junior in English Education                                                                                  Newton, IA
I love the freedom of expression that comes with writing. I hope working at the WMC will give me experience that not only benefits my own skills, but also expands on my abilities to help others with their educations.

Madison Pincombe
Sophomore in Journalism and Mass Communication
Madison, WI

I love the way that writing allows me to express myself and my unique point of view. Personally, I find writing to be a great creative and informative mechanism.
Rachel Reyes

Senior in English with minors in Mathematics and Technical Communication
Mahtomedi, MN
At the WMC, I love working with students and helping them create pieces of writing they they can be proud of.

Angela Richard
Fifth-year Ph.D. in English: Rhetoric and Professional Communication
Warrensburg, MO
I love challenging people to think more deeply and communicate more clearly.



Raeann Ritland

Fifth-year Ph.D. in English: Rhetoric and Professional Communication
Zearing, IA

My favorite thing about the WMC is working one-on-one with students. It's fun to learn from each paper/project.

Kelli Rozendaal
Senior in Linguistics/TESL and Spanish with a minor in Chinese
Pella, IA

I love the power that words have to precisely convey the writer's ideas, to stir the readers' thoughts and emotions, and to influence society. Great writing is a wonderful and powerful thing, and that's why I love working at the WMC. I enjoy helping other students create something unique and amazing through writing.
Tamara Schmeisser
1st-year MA in English: TESL/Applied Linguistics
Mason City, IA
What I love about writing is that it is personal and unique for every individual.
Anna Segner

Second-year MFA in Integrated Visual Arts
Owatonna, MN

I enjoy exploring ideas through writing.

Margaret Severson

Senior in Psychology and Anthropology with a minor in Philosophy
Minneapolis, MN

My favorite thing about the WMC is being able to help other students and also improve my own writing!

Carolyn Simon
Junior in Apparel, Merchandising, and Design with a minor in Communication Studies
Cedar Rapids, IA

My favorite thing about communication is the ability to express oneself over a vast amount of mediums. 
Allison Steinebrey
Junior in English Education
Palatine, IL

My favorite thing about the WMC is it is a collaborative space where people get to improve their writing and become better communicators. Writing is a powerful means of expression and I am excited to help others with the writing process.
Sara Wadle
Sophomore in History Education with a Political Science minor
Waukee, IA

I love watching other people grow in their abilities and feel more confident about their writing! Everyone has their own unique style and strengths when it comes to communicating, but we all have the ability to do well, and the Writing and Media Center can help students achieve their writing goals.
Lauren Young

Junior in Psychology with a Biology minor
Davenport, IA

I love having a positive impact on someone's learning and getting to learn so much from them as well.



Administrative Assistants

Madison Ames
Sophomore in Pre-Business, Spanish, and Leadership
Waterloo, IA
I love that the WMC helps students with all sorts of needs and provides them with the services to help them better their writing skills. I really enjoy helping others learn about their own talents, and seeing them grow in them is what makes it all worth it.


Megan Atkins
Junior in Journalism with a Fashion Merchandising minor
Pella, IA

Writing and communication has always provided a creative outlet for me and was the one thing in school that clicked. I'm looking forward to working with a great group of people who allow me to use writing and communication to help others!


Conner Dammann
Junior in Chemical Engineering
Victoria, MN

The WMC is a place where you can always find what you're looking for. No matter what it is that you need help on, our welcoming staff will always find the best way to serve and help students imporove in thier writing abilities.

Rachel Ericksen
Senior in Early Childhood Education
Apple Valley, MN

The WMC gives students on our campus the awesome opportunity to work with their peers to develop their skills throughout their college education. It allows students to grow in a positive atmohsphere which is such a great resource to have while pursuing a college education.

Kaitlyn Hoots
Senior in Event Management
Bettendorf, IA
One of my favorite things about writing is the ability to express yourself throughout different outlets, whether that be a blog, a journal, a book, etc.


Bryce Jones
Sophomore in Journalism and Spanish
Cedar Rapids, IA

Writing is a powerful tool–it can be used to document and educate, to move people and create change. I love the freedom and the challenge of it. Working at the WMC gives me the ability to be apart of students becoming better, more passionate writers, and I am very grateful I get to experience that process.


Isabel Miller (on leave Spring 2018)
Junior in Public Relations and International Studies
Saint Charles, IL
The WMC brings together so many people from various backgrounds. I love having the opportunity to meet and interact with all the bright and influential minds that come to the WMC.
Amanda Ostrander-Lawrence
Senior in Elementary Education with an endorsement in Social Studies
Solon, IA
Carly Roberts
Sophomore in English & International Studies/Spanish & Women's Studies
St. Michael, MN

What I love most about writing, is that it can reveal so much about a person. Your personality, past experiences, and even literary tastes are things that can shape your writing and communication style; ultimately making it unique and interesting for each individual.
Caroline Sass 

Junior in Supply Chain Management
White Bear Lake, MN

What I love most about working at the WMC is the connections, friendships, and experiences I have gained while working here. 

Kasey Smith
Sophomore in Elementary Education
Ankeny, IA
My favorite thing about communication is how it introduces you to lifelong relationships and friendships! I love meeting new people and developing deep connections with others, and I believe communication is key for those types of relationships to start.

Jordyn White
Sophomore in Pre-Business
Crystal Lake, IL

I love being able to communicate effectively with a wide range of individuals.

Kelvin Williams

Junior in Management Information Systems
Country Club Hills, IL

My favorite thing about communication is when everything finally works! There is no feeling like being able to understand and vividly communicate with an individual. The smile on everyone's faces when positive vibes and comprehention is mixed is always a gift to see. What I love about working at the WMC the most is being able to notice the positive changes in people's expressions and attitudes when speaking about their work after their first few appointments.


Special thanks to photographer Christopher Gannon!