Outreach Presentations

The Writing and Media Center offers 10-15 minute outreach presentations that detail the services we offer to students. If you are an instructor who would like to request an outreach presentation for your class, please fill out the request form here.


Information for Faculty

Referring Students to the Writing and Media Center

You can refer students to the WMC for any number of reasons.  A common perception is that the WMC is a "remedial" space where struggling writers go to get help.  However, the average GPA of a WMC visitor is higher than that of the average ISU student.  This tells us that we make a serious difference in student learning across our campus.  


Different groups of students come for different reasons:

  • First year students come to the WMC to acclimate themselves to the rigors of university-level writing.  
  • Senior-level students use our services to polish capstone projects including research papers, poster presentations, or outreach projects.  They also frequently use our help when writing cover letters, resumes, personal statements, and graduate school applications.
  • Graduate students come to refine their work further and seek to make it as precise as possible to make sure that their thoughts are communicated clearly and concisely.
  • International and ESL students use our services to make sure that they are mastering new academic standards in a foriegn culture or language (or both).  We help them with all projects as a way to smooth the transition of learning complex subjects in an relatively unknown culture. 


Our expectation for students:

  • We expect students who come to the WMC to be actively engaged in the writing process.  We do not edit papers for students; we communicate effective writing strategies to them so they can create improved projects.
  • We will help with any part of the writing process but we focus on higher order concerns first because they are the most effective and efficient way to ensure visitors can craft strong writing on their own.
    • Higher order concerns (these are the foundation of any communication project)
      • Crafting a clear thesis
      • Narrowing down a focus
      • Finding the correct audience
      • Writing with purpose
      • Organizing your project
      • Using enough specific evidence
      • Proper citation methods
    • Lower order concerns (these are important for clarifying the meaning of your project)
      • Creating properly structured sentences
      • Using proper punctuation
      • Having appropriate word choices
      • Ensuring correct spelling
  • We expect students to realize that improvement in writing takes time.
    • One visit may improve a particular paper but it will not create sustained success
    • Writing is a skill that takes continued practice and reflection.  Here at the WMC, we serve as personal trainers that teach students the skills to continue your own growth.
    • Please encourage students to plan for recurring visits to maximize their improvements